2015-08-02-GoJiyo-Splash-PageGoJiyo (http://gojiyo.com) is a multi-user virtual world and claims to be the largest virtual world in use in India. It is based on a 3D virtual world MMO platform by Sine Wave Entertainment, who are themselves creating a virtual world called sinewave.space. These are Unity 3D virtual worlds with customizable avatars and clothing, and multiple regions which can be moved between via teleporting. Communications between avatars and in world chat are supported. Voice is noted as available (but I have not yet found the button to enable it, even with a USB headset attached). Help and instructions are available at http://gojiyo.com/faq/show/ or click the “?” icon to the lower right when in world.

2015-08-02-GoJiyo-2 2015-08-02-GoJiyo-3
2015-08-02-GoJiyo-Neon-1 2015-08-02-GoJiyo-Outfit-and-Inventory

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3 Responses to GoJiyo

  1. Graham Mills says:

    I haven’t tried it but I think voice chat was included in Gojiyo and it would be a surprising omission from the new product. See http://gojiyo.com/faq/show/11 . The development options are intriguing though personally I would be concerned that it is a walled garden.

  2. bat says:

    I cannot see any voice chat box to tick in the lower left corner, even with a USB headset plugged in. … is it there for you Graham?

  3. Graham Mills says:

    No, sorry. It was just an observation based on the FAQ.

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