OpenSim – JustinCC Bon Voyage Party


A Hypergrid Safari party on OSGrid on 23rd September 2015 was to honour core OpenSim developer and Overte Foundation chairman Justin Clark-Casey, stepping down from his lead position in the team to focus on other activities. But hopefully keeping a friendly and continuing eye on OpenSim too…

2015-09-23-OSGrid-JustinCC-Bon-Voyage_003 2015-09-23-OSGrid-JustinCC-Bon-Voyage-Screen-1 2015-09-23-OSGrid-JustinCC-Bon-Voyage-Screen-2
2015-09-23-OSGrid-JustinCC-Bon-Voyage-Radar 2015-09-23-OSGrid-JustinCC-Bon-Voyage-JustinCC

I just had to get a selfie with JustinCC too…

The event was also streamed live via YouTube’s streaming channel…


Is that Justin himself dancing away there… (animated GIF by Thirza Ember)…


Thirza Ember was one of the Hypergrid Safari organisers and reported:

2015-09-23-justin-thankyou-cardYou may have seen the greetings card in the corner. It picked up all the names of the party goers. 97 total logged on to the region, with 22 different grids represented. Thanks again to Ellen Olhsson, aka Truelie Telling Wolem Wobbit, and LadyJo Martin for their wonderful music all evening.

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