Project Sansar


Project Sansar – – from Linden Lab is now available to an invited initial testing community. The welcome/login screens show a lush mountainous terrain overlaid with wireframe buildings, vehicles and other objects.

2015-09-25-Project-Sansar-1 2015-09-25-Project-Sansar-22015-09-25-Project-Sansar-3 2015-09-25-Project-Sansar-4
Internet Explorer seems not to be supported, whereas Chrome, Firefox and Edge are.

The Linden Lab Corporate web page was changed on 4th November 2015 to reflect the product line up of Project Sansar, Second Life and BlocksWorld…

2015-11-04-Linden-Labs-Corporate-Page-1 2015-11-04-Linden-Labs-Corporate-Page-2

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