OpenVCE in Unity and VR

2015-10-05-Unity-Web-Player-Login 2015-10-05-Unity-Web-Player-OpenVCE

As described in this blog post, the OpenVCE region as it appears in OpenSim including its I-Zone/I-Rooms has been converted to Unity compatible assets via the OpenSim OAR Converter and combined with an earlier I-Room Unity application using the Smart Fox Server Pro MMO server to support multiple concurrent users sharing the virtual space and being able to communicate via text chat. Oculus Rift VR access as well as Unity Web player access has been tested for concurrent users and a VR “gaze” position controlled NPC has been added in also as a test.

Try out the OpenVCE region in the Unity Web Player or on the Oculus Rift…

2015-10-05-Unity-OpenVCE-VR-2-Game-Login 2015-10-05-Unity-OpenVCE-VR-3-Game-OpenVCE
2015-10-05-Unity-OpenVCE-VR-4-Editor-OpenVCE 2015-10-05-Unity-OpenVCE-VR-5-I-Room

Update on 16th October 2015

A few adjustments to the collision scripts to make sure the viewpoint and avatar movement and collisons with the example (white) seat in the I-Room and the I-Room multi-floor teleporters work when in both web player/2D modes and in the Oculus HMD/VR mode.

2015-10-16-Unity-OpenVCE-MMO-Rift-1 2015-10-16-Unity-OpenVCE-MMO-Rift-2

Snapshot – I-Room on OpenVCE on Oculus Rift


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