InSpace Gallery – January 2007 Artists Walkway

OpenSimulator-based Openvue grid Informatics virtual InSpace gallery with images and art from the external walkway that was in place in January 2007 during construction of the Informatics Forum.

Visit with any OpenSim hypergrid enabled grid avatar, e.g. one from OSGrid.


2015-10-19-Openvue-Informatics-InSpace-Walkway 2015-10-19-Openvue-Informatics-InSpace-Walkway-Interior
2015-10-26-Openvue-Informatics-InSpace-1 2015-10-26-Openvue-Informatics-InSpace-2

Visit in Virtual Reality

You can also visit using an Oculus Rift or other VR Head Mounted Display using, for example, the Firestorm VR Mod Viewer.


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