Fish4Knowledge Virtual World Pavilion – Move to Vue

The Fish4Knowledge Exhibition Pavilion and Underwater Gallery is moving across the bay from the “Edinburgh University” home it has had since it was created to the “Vue” region in October 2010, which continues to be maintained as a virtual world home for the Virtual University of Edinburgh. Its new SLUurl for access is

2015-11-03-F4K-Before-Move-Visitor-Counter-Was-352_001 2015-11-03-F4K-Move-4

The F4K facility visitor counter before the move stood at 352 (as at 3rd November 2015) and seems to have retained its count when moved to the new region.

2015-11-03-F4K-Before-Move-Visitor-Counter-Was-352_002 2015-11-03-F4K-Before-Move-Visitor-Counter-Was-352_003

Ai Austin and Skye Gears take a well earned break after the move…


And the finished result…


The F4K facilities are also available on the OpenSimulator-based OSGrid and Openvue grid.

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