Second Life – Move from Edinburgh University to Vue

In early November 2015 the “Edinburgh University” region in Second Life was abandoned… with active facilities being moved to the Vue, Vue South and Edinburgh East regions. Edinburgh University was originally obtained as part of the Vue estate in June 2007. The original funding for this shared use region came from the University’s Development and Alumni group, then later from the School of Informatics, and in the last two years from Information Services. Some details of the original design at the full extent of the Vue regions in Second Life are maintained in an exhibit in the “Maps of Second Life” (see this blog post) and are also preserved on the OpenSimulator-based Openvue grid.

Here is a last look along the “High Street” looking between “Old College” and the “Alumni Deck” to (a reduced size) Castle and Castle Rock as the area was being cleared…

2015-11-05-Last-Look-Along-High-Street-in-SL 2015-11-05-Last-Look-Along-High-Street-in-SL-Sunset

The Vue balloon tour that was based in the Old College quadrangle in the Edinburgh University region in Second Life had recorded 96,939 visitors taking the tour since it was setup in 2008. Another balloon tour near the Venue@Vue had over a quarter of a million visitors. The balloon tour has now been re-established on Vue South… “you will get wet on this rid”.


The Castle and “The Bridges” have been placed on “Castle Rock” in the SW corner of Edinburgh East and the Calton Hill Monuments have been place on “Vue Point” on Vue South at present… to continue to act as iconic skyline features across the Vue regions in Second Life… until these areas are required for events.

2015-11-04-Castle-Rock-on-Edinburgh-East-Sunrise 2015-11-04-Calton-Hill-Monuments-on-Vue-South
2015-11-04-Castle-Rock-on-Edinburgh-East-Sunset 2015-11-05-SL-Vue-South-Vista-1
2015-11-05-SL-Edinburgh-East-Vista-2 2015-11-05-SL-Edinburgh-East-Vista-3

Vue Estate at 5th November 2015

“Vue” in the NW is a full region, “Vue South” to the SW is a homestead for the School of Education and “Edinburgh East” to the NE is a homestead for the Vet School.

2015-11-05-SL-Vue 2015-11-05-SL-Edinburgh-East
2015-11-05-SL-Vue-South Void-Sea

Vistas across the Vue Estate at 5th November 2015

2015-11-05-SL-Venue-at-Vue-Vista 2015-11-05-SL-Edinburgh-East-from-Vue-Balloon
2015-11-05-SL-Balloon-over-Vue-Estate 2015-11-05-SL-Vue-South-Vista-to-Calton-Hill

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