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High Fidelity themselves have decided (at the moment) to not include a text chat/IM tool directly into the Hifi Interface. Third party solutions can be added. This note is to keep a record of the URLs used and other information. The tools can be run using “File” -> “Open and Run Script from URL”.

Craxim Chat

Craxim chat provides a “Global” chat connection, as well as an option to limit chat to the specific domain you are on.


This system uses web sockets and may need the firewall to allow such websockets or secure websockets. A web socket tester is available…


David Row’s CtrlAltStudio Chat

This provides chat local to the domain you are on.


But my issue is who else knows what you have BEFORE you can establish communication. And having a notepad alongside the Interface and using that as a reminder of the URLs needed… when working on many separate machines is really awkward.

Maybe at least chat.js could be added into the list of example scripts that are offered so we can all find these things without reading many blog posts to act as a reminder when we are on a new setup?

Interface Chat over Freenode IRC

The Interface -> Tools -> Chat tool displays a pop up notice with a link to a Freenode IRC channel for #highfidelity


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  1. bat says:

    As a reminder, the OpenSim Developer Community also uses Freenode IRC also for chat between developers…


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