Roller Coasters in OpenSim


I previously wrote about the roller coasters on OSGrid’s Recreation Plaza created by Cuteulala Artis and colleagues. Cuteulala has also provided a free access roller coaster that anyone can use. But everyone is asked to respect the open source nature of this offering and not transfer it to grids where payment is required or try to sell it on any virtual world marketplace.

2015-12-20-OSGrid-Lani_001 2015-12-20-OSGrid-Lani-Cuteulala-Artis-Store_001


Optera Coaster Image
2015-12-20-Optera-Coaster-2 2015-12-20-Optera-Coaster-3

Cuteulala Artis Roller Coaster on AiLand

With just a little tidying up of the information notecard and the permissions image, and multiple seating positions added, here is the Roller Coaster by Cuteulala Artis and Takni Miklos on the Aisle Region on AiLand…



Cuteulala Park OAR Availability

As at November 2018, Cutulala Artis on OSGrid has offered to provide an OAR of the roller coasters and a development kit for development of them further…

Cuteulala Park OAR Availability

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  1. bat says:

    Note on moving part of an OpenSim region saved as an OpenSim Archive OAR file, e.g. containing the coaster describe above, into another region.. especially if moving from a large varregion OAR to a normal 256m X256m region… using the new facilities in OpenSim 0.9.0 onwards

    load oar –merge –force-terrain –bounding-origin <768,768,0> –displacement <0,-64,0> –bounding-size <256,256,4096>Vue-with-Coaster.oar

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