Space Walk – Follow along in Virtual Reality

EVA #35 on the International Space Station is a space walk performed by NASA astronaut Tim Kopra and ESA astronaut Tim Peake on 15th January 2016, with a focus on the replacement of a failed voltage regulator. An animation of the planned activities is available here… ISS Spacewalk Animation – U.S. EVA #35 SSU Replacement (YouTube)


Using my ISS VR Experience it is possible to follow along as the astronauts perform their activities. The experience was created in Unity3D and runs in a web browser or as a standalone Windows app which runs in Virtual Reality of an Oculus Rift is attached. If your system allows it run it standalone with graphics set to “fantastic”.
2015-01-15-ISS-VR-3 2015-01-15-ISS-VR-2
2016-01-15-ISS-VR-Experience-Spacewalk-VR-Overview 2016-01-15-ISS-VR-Experience-Spacewalk-VR-Overview-2

Some images of the EVA as broadcast live from the ISS, from the NASA animation and from the VR experience follow…

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