Supercar Take Two: Avgas, Will Travel

avgas-fueldrumsThe “Supercar: Take Two” project (“Take 2” for short) is a collaborative venture, originally started in 1998, involving a number of Supercar enthusiasts and those with an interest in Gerry Anderson productions. Its aim is to develop an on-line multi-media presentation of a new Supercar storybook.. the original objective stated…

All the materials must be original. No copyright existing material will be used. It is intended to act as a framework and showcase for a range of experiments with on-line media such as:

  • Hyperlinked text including information related to the story and its characters;
  • Scanned images of original artwork;
  • Original sound files and music;
  • Computer Generated Images and computer models;
  • Animations;
  • Multi-media information boxes;
  • Java applets;
  • Novel uses of emerging internet technology.

The final result is meant to be accessible over the internet, or to be presented locally (e.g. off a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM image of the materials).

The title for the story “Supercar: Take Two” is meant to echo the final episode of Season One of the original Supercar TV series. This episode written by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, was called “Supercar: Take One”. Rather appropriately, it included aspects of a Hollywood style filming of the Supercar team in action.

One story outline developed in 1998 is now receiving renewed attention…

Avgas, Will Travel

A Collaborative Development of a Supercar Storybook within the Internet Community.
Storyline suggested by Mark DeSantis.

Development of secret synthetic oils and fuels for Supercar.

supercar-with-avgas-fuel supercar-in-space

Newsflash …. 4-Dec-1998

supercar-at-shuttle-and-unityDuring this week’s International Space Station (ISS) assembly shuttle mission to add the Unity Docking Node to the orbiting Russian-Built Functional Block, it appears that NASA and the USAF will conduct a secret demonstration of a new rescue device.

Rumours have persisted for some decades that the US Air Force have been funding the development of a small high performance rescue vehicle at a deserted location in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Occasional glimpses of the craft have been reported, and some UFO reports are attributed to its amazing characteristics. The press have termed the vehicle “Supercar”. Now an artist’s rendering of the proposed shuttle link up demonstration appears to confirm that such a craft does exist.

The mission this week will apparently involve a link up between the Supercar using a small portable and extendable air lock and the shuttle. A docking is planned to occur before the Unity Node is delivered for Space Station Assembly.

NASA declined to comment … πŸ˜‰

Declassified …. 20-Jan-2016

Recent Freedom of Information requests have uncovered simulations which took place nearly 20 years ago to test the space capability of the experimental emergency response and rescue vehicle… Supercar! This relied on a top secret synthetic variant of the “Avgas” fuel used in Supercar’s advanced engines.


A version of the simulation is provided at This should work in old style browsers which support plugins (the Unity Web Player in this case, e.g. Internet Explorer).

A WebGL version of the simulation is provided at This should work in most modern browsers which support WebGL (e.g. Internet Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox).

Oculus-DK2Or to run a Windows (64bit) standalone version which works on 2D screens or on the Oculus Rift download and unzip the provided file. You can use the arrow keys, page up and page down to move about. If you have a game controller attached, the left stick should move the astronaut, and the right and left bumpers will move you up and down. You can quit the experience using either the β€œq” or β€œesc” keys.

2016-01-20-Avgas-VR-4 2016-01-20-Avgas-Simulation-2

Model of Space Shuttle, with cargo bay doors open and ISS Unity docking module by Byr2008.

Further information about Supercar is becoming available… this Supercar Schematic Image was included in the simulation documentation…

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