2001 VR Experience in Unity3D

As a variant on my recent Unity3D Gerry Anderson’s Supercar-themed “Avgas, Will Travel” VR Experience for the Oculus Rift… I added 3D models of the 2001 Space Station by Filip and the Orion III PanAm Shuttle made by Daniel M. A little rotation script, and some adjustment to scaling and the positions of the items and there is another Oculus Rift VR Experience. Also available as a 2D screen web player version.

2016-01-26-Unity-2001-2 2016-01-26-Unity-2001-3

Download the standalone (Windows 64 bit) application for the Oculus Rift and 2D screen (try it on “Fantastic” settings if your system will allow that) or use the Unity Web Player or WebGL versions available via…

[Use 2001.html for 2D Web Player version in most web browsers, this version for WebGL capable web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari), or download 2001-vr-windows64.zip for standalone/VR version]

2017-02-06-Unity3D-2001-WebPlayer-1 2017-02-06-Unity3D-2001-WebPlayer-2

Huey Droid

If you look closely when approaching the Earth Shuttle docking bay you might see “Huey” (repair droid 2 from the film Silent Running, model by Martin T.).


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