X-15 VR Experience in Unity3D

As a variant on my recent Unity3D Gerry Anderson’s Supercar-themed “Avgas, Will Travel” VR Experience for the Oculus Rift… I added a 3D model of the X-15A-2 by TaffGoch. Although, of course, the X-15 was not an orbital craft (See article on Wikipedia). A little adjustment to fix the port side external tank (which had reversed normals) by mirroring the starboard tank in Studio 3D Max and rotation script, and there is another Oculus Rift VR Experience.

Download the standalone (Windows 64 bit) application for the Oculus Rift and 2D screen (try it on “Fantastic” settings if your system will allow that) or use the Unity Web Player version at…

[Use X-15.html for 2D Web Player version in most web browsers, or
download x15-vr-windows64.zip for standalone/VR version]


X-15A-2 Orthograghic View by unusualsuspex


Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

I also tried an import of 3D models of the SR-71 Blackbird (Wheels Up and Wheels Down) and SR-71/U2 pilot from 3D Warehouse…

2016-01-31-Unity-SR-71-and-X-15-1 2016-01-31-Unity-SR-71-and-X-15-2

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