Unity, Photon MMO and IMVU Avatars

There are Unity3D packages available to add Photon multi-user networking support and IMVU avatar connections.


Photon Realtime multiplayer networking support is available using their Photo Cloud free for up to 20 concurrent users, or you can host a Photon MMO server yourself. You need to register (free) for a Photon Realtime App ID to complete the configuration needed in Unity3D.

IMVU is a 3D avatar -based chat and social platform with millions of users. A Unity package provides a means to load an IMVU avatar, and that of your friends, into Unity, and synchronize communication using multi-player support from Photon or Unity Networking. You need to register (free) for an IMVU avatar (unless you already have one) and a developer App ID to complete the configuration needed in Unity3D.

Once the Photon Networking and IMVU Unity packages are installed in a Unity3D project you can open the various Photon and IMVU demonstrations to see how things work.

2016-05-03-Unity-IMVU-Photon-Outfits 2016-05-03-Unity-IMVU-Photon-Friends

I have begun to experiment with a Unity application based on these packages to allow for multi-user support in an OpenVCE collaboration environment.


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