vTime – Social Gatherings in Virtual Reality

vTime (http://vtime.net) provides a facility where up to four participants can connect in VR (e.g. via the Oculus Rift) and voice in a range of 3D environments which include a campfire in a cave, an outer space scene, underwater, a polar region, in an old fashioned train carriage, etc. Two environments specifically support a flat screen to share images… a boardroom and a film viewing room. Avatars can be customised.

vTime_GUI_Circle_Image_NEW VTime-Image-Share

Each user can upload flat images, 360 degree wrap round images and spherical environments to share. The current meeting host is the only one who can change the location and set the viewing images.

vTime is provided by a company based in Liverpool, UK, so some of the initial surround sphere examples are of Liverpool landmarks.

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