AI Planning MOOC Interview

The Learning, Teaching and Web Services at Edinburgh University have commissioned a paper for the senior management team that focuses on using the existing evidence base of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) data, the experience and motivation of design teams around the programmes designed and delivered to date including those in the pipeline, and through discussion with external stakeholders, to review their match to the Scottish Government Outcomes.

I was asked to give some background on our motivation for producing the AI planning MOOC and to consider if we planned to make the materials available as open educational resources. I explained that this was our aim all along, and that the resources and videos had been available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence from the start in 2013 with hosting of the materials and videos on both our own Edinburgh servers and YouTube since 2014.


We offered the AI planning MOOC on the Coursera Platform in Q1 2013, Q1 2014 and Q1 2015. The January to March 2015 session was the final version of the course. Soon after that date Coursera no longer supported the platform on which the MOOC is built. The course materials and videos continue to be available under the original creative commons (BY-NC-SA) licence on a long term “permanent” basis at the following alternative URLs at the University of Edinburgh.

Some of the questions asked concerning our motivation and plans for the MOOC are covered in an interview I already did with some members of our School of Education for a report they did for the UK Higher Education Academy. That led to a report on “The Pedagogy of the Massive Open Online Course: the UK View” which was prepared by Siân Bayne and Jen Ross of the University of Edinburgh School of Education for the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA) and published as a PDF document on 6th March 2014 [HEA Web Site Copy][Local PDF Format Copy].

This includes some commentary on the AI Planning MOOC course design and statistics from the 2013 session based on the above interview.

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Publicly accessible statistics about each of the three Coursera sessions are in other blog posts as follows:

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