Pokémon Everywhere

PokeballThere are monsters in the neighbourhood! Pokémon are everywhere… with the new “Pokémon Go” mobile application for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Tips and advice on how to play can be found at

I missed this craze in the 1990s so its not something I am deeply into… but friends and colleagues tell me I have to get into it… and see how Augmented Reality (AR) is progressing. So I have tried it, joined the Pokémon Trainer Club (http://www.pokemon.com) and indeed have caught my first Pokémon or two!

pokemon-take-care Pokemon-5
Pokemon-2 Pokemon-6
IMG_0906 IMG_1492
IMG_0904 IMG_1486 IMG_1497 pokemon-pokestop-knottingley-rugby-union-club

When you are alongside a river or a canal.. the water themed Pokémon appear…

pokemon-magikarp Pokemon-Slowpoke

Level 5 and Teams


Onto Level 5 and now must join a team… Team Mystic (yellow), Team Valor (blue) or Team Instinct (red).

2016-07-21-Pokemon-AiAustin-Level5 2016-07-21-Pokemon-Caught

Pokemon-Nidorino Pokemon-Ponyta

PokéStop @ Informatics Forum

It looks like my office (the balcony shown) is a PokéStop… and George Square is surrounded by them…

Pokemon-Go-Pokestop-Informatics-Forum-3a Pokemon-Go-Pokestop-Informatics-Forum-2
Pokemon-Pokestop-Informatics-with-Lure 2016-07-29-Pokemon-Egg-Hatch
2016-08-01-Ai-Austin-Level-9-at-Informatics-Forum-Pokestop 2016-08-10-Pokemon-Go-Ai-Austin-Level-12
Pokemon-Go-Pikachu-AR Pokemon-Go-Pikachu


2016-08-26-Knottingley-Poke-Gym-1 2016-08-26-Knottingley-Poke-Gym-2

Pokémon Buddy and Badges

2016-09-13-Pokemon-Buddy 2016-09-13-Pokemon-Badges

Update: Halloween 2016

2016-10-27-Halloween 2016-10-27-Halloween-Haunter

500 Pokémon Caught

2016-10-28-500-Pokemon-Caught-Strip 2016-10-28-10-Ghost-Pokemon-Caught-Strip

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  1. bat says:

    Pokémon in Education… Go learn with Pokémon GO!

  2. bat says:

    John Lester @Pathfinder on 16th July 2016 tweeted:
    Pokémon Go Strips Users Of Their Legal Rights; Here’s How To Opt Out…

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