Roller Coasters in VR using CtrlAltStudio

Now here is a nice test of the CtrlAltStudio viewer for Oculus Rift DK2 and CV1 for Second Life and OpenSim. On OSGrid’s Cuteulala Park region which includes a range of theme park rides and roller coasters.

hop:// Park/148/81/22

2016-07-24-OSGrid-Cuteulala-Park-2D-1-No-UI 2016-07-24-OSGrid-Cuteulala-Park-2D-No-UI

This is a complex area which even stretches normal 2D performance in the viewer. But the 1st person perspective view seems even smoother in the VR headset than when following the coaster in normal camera view.

2016-07-24-OSGrid-Cuteulala-Park-2D-Seated 2016-07-24-OSGrid-Cuteulala-Park-VR-Seated-3rd-Person
2016-07-24-OSGrid-Cuteulala-Park-VR-Lift-Hill 2016-07-24-OSGrid-Cuteulala-Park-VR-Top-of-Lift-Hill

I am seeing a solid frame rate on the DK2 at 37.5 which rises in less visually cluttered areas to 75.0. Quite unbelievably good!


Other Coasters

2016-07-24-OSGrid-Cuteulala-Park-VR-Coaster-2-a 2016-07-24-OSGrid-Cuteulala-Park-VR-Seated-Coaster-2-2

Water Rides

2016-07-24-OSGrid-Cuteulala-Park-Water-Slide-2D 2016-07-24-OSGrid-Cuteulala-Park-Water-Slide-VR

The tube ride works particularly well in VR Riftlook mode… make sure you wear a swimsuit… you WILL get wet…

2016-07-24-OSGrid-Cuteulala-Park-Water-Raft-2D 2016-07-24-OSGrid-Cuteulala-Park-Water-Raft-On-Tube

Ailand OASIS Region Coaster

One of Cuteulala Artis‘s roller coasters is also installed on the Aisle region on the AiLand grid…


2016-07-24-AiLand-Aisle-Coaster-2D-1 2016-07-24-AiLand-Aisle-Coaster-2D-21

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