Halcyon MOSES Grid Testing

Halcyon-MOSES-Web-SiteHalycon is the virtual world server code base used by the InWorldz grid. The code is a branch of the OpenSimulator code, and has been contributed back to the wider OpenSimulator community (see this InWorldz blog post).

Halcyon is being tested by the MOSES Community as a potential basis for their professional and military simulation and training interests.

Entering the Halcyon Grid into the Grid List for the Firestorm Viewer

In the Firestorm Preferences > OpenSim > Grid Manager, enter the grid URI without the “https://” part on the front as that appears not to be accepted by Firestorm.



Tests on 29th July 2016


The image above (from Paul Wittermore) shows the group gathered before moving to the test regions with heavy presence of moving NPCs/bots, checkpoint and village scenery, etc. as shown below.

2016-07-29-Halycon-MOSES 2016-07-29-Halycon-MOSES-AWBIS-Region
2016-07-29-Halycon-MOSES-1 2016-07-29-Halycon-MOSES-Test-2

InWorldZ/Halcyon Information

Doug Maxwell


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