Ai Austin @ 10

Ai-Austin-512x512-1x1Ai Austin is 10 years old in Second Life today (joined on 6th August 2006)…

Here are Ai’s outfits built up over the period in Second Life…


Ai’s skin was a gift back in 2006 from a fellow educator who joined Second Life on the same day and who was a neighbour on the “Saengseon” region where “AIAI2” had its first virtual world base before moving to its new facilities on the “Vue” (Virtual University of Edinburgh) regions.

Ai Austin – Standard Outfits

Ai’s usual outfit in Second Life is a Flight Suit… provided by Krashen Byrne soon after Ai originally joined Second Life. Ai obtained the original artwork for the outfit from Krashen with permission to use it as Ai wished, but not to distribute it further. You can usually find Krashen’s Flight Suit at the Flight Shop at Abbotts Aerodrome in Second Life.

Ai-Austin-Flight-Suit-522x862 Ai-Austin-Grey-Hoodie-522x862

Ai has used a range of casual outfits beyond that but his current favourite is made up of parts of “Gabriel”, one of the standard mesh outfits and starter avatars provided in the initial Inventory Library with Second Life.

In the I-Room on Vue in Second Life

2016-08-04-Ai-Austin-in-SL-I-Room 2016-08-04-Ai-Austin-in-SL-I-Room-2

Using the Oculus Rift on Vue in Second Life


Role Play in Second Life

2016-03-04-Ai-Strider-and-Orcrist Ai-tswayon-Sunset

In Supercar in Second Life


Ai Austin @ 10


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