Great Auk

Great Auk and Egg - Kelvingrove, Glasgow. Wikipedia Commons

Great Auk and Egg – Kelvingrove, Glasgow. Wikipedia Commons

The Great Auk was a flightless black and white bird a bit like a large Razorbill. The Great Auk inhabited the rocky coasts and islands of the North Atlantic along the East coast of the USA, Scotland, Shetland and Ireland to Greenland and Iceland, almost to the Arctic Circle. It was driven to extinction due to hunting in the 19th century. There are specimens of the bird and its eggs in many museums… including Kelvingrove in Glasgow and the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.


To the left is the cover of a superb book by Errol Fuller entitled The “Great Auk” which gives much detail on the species.

One of the excellent images in the book is an oil painting by Errol Fuller himself entitled “A Last Stand” [from] …


There have been suggestions of a “revival” of the species by The Long Now Foundation – Revive and Restore. See the following article from The Daily Telegraph (20 August 2016 – Page 3) …


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