Engage – Educational VR Platform

EngageImmersive VR Education in Ireland, who have produced the Apollo 11 VR Experience, have created a platform for multiple users to meet and share experiences in a range of environments in VR via their avatars.

Engage works with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive at present. Download from Steam via http://store.steampowered.com/app/449130/. For use with the Oculus Rift launch the program (e.g. from the desktop icon) without first starting Steam or Steam VR for it to work correctly. More details and a download link are at: http://immersivevreducation.com/engage/.

2016-08-30-Engage-Avatar 2016-08-30-Engage-Controls

There are a range of VR experiences to demonstrate the platform, including a Mars Curiosity rover experience.

2016-08-30-Engage-Demos 2016-08-30-Engage-Mars-1
2016-08-30-Engage-Mars-2 2016-08-30-Engage-Mars-3

The meeting environments can be classroom or meeting room style, as well as in museum areas and fun environments such as underwater and in space.

2016-08-30-Engage-LT-1 2016-08-30-Engage-LT-22016-08-30-Engage-Titanic-12016-08-30-Engage-Titanic-2

Interactive lessons with multiple users in various environments are also possible, including active whiteboards, calculators and interactive objects…

2016-09-01-Engage-Ballistics-Lesson-1 2016-09-01-Engage-Ballistics-Lesson-2
2016-09-01-Engage-Skeleton-Lesson-1 2016-09-01-Engage-Skeleton-Lesson-2

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