Supercar in Blender

This blog post is a resource area for a project to create good 3D models of Gerry Anderson’s Supercar and Black Rock Laboratory in Blender that can be used for a range of new applications in virtual worlds, flight simulators, etc. Applications in which the original Mick Imrie/Austin Tate 3D models, originated in Cinema3D and converted to many other forms, are too detailed or have modelling issues (such as flipped normal).

A number of people have already created Blender conversions or adaptations of our Supercar models for 3D modellers, virtual worlds (Second Life, OpenSimulator, High Fidelity, Unity3D, etc.) or for Flight Simulators (Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, etc.) and Space Simulators (Orbiter and Celestia).



Chris Coggon X-Plane Black Rock Lab

Using Chris Coggon’s X-Plane .obj model from 2011 (link here) reimported back into Blender 2.49b with XPlane2Blender Python tools for import/export. Then save via Blender to FBX for imort testing into Unity3D. To use the X-Plane BRL Lab.obj file open it in a text editor. Near the top of the file, make sure that Lab.png and Lab_LIT.png are named as the textures. Make sure these files are in the same directory as the Lab.obj. Now scroll all the way to the bottom of the file and remove this:

TRIS    159081 12

2016-09-23-CC-X-Plane-Model-to-Blender-to-FBX-to-Unity-Tests-1 2016-09-23-CC-X-Plane-Model-to-Blender-to-FBX-to-Unity-Tests-2

  • X-Plane® Scenery Tools –
  • X-Plane® Scenery – Old Tools – for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Blender Conversions. Includes tools to IMPORT X-Plane .obj format files back into Blender 2.4x.
    • Only for versions Blender 2.4x up to 2.5 and 2.6 (not the most recent 2.7x versions). Use the “Installer” .exe version to set up the environment for auto install of scripts, as noted below.
    • Needs Python 2.6 to be installed.
    • Download XPlane2Blender, unzip and run the install.cmd script to copy the X-Plan to Blender scripts into the appropriate place.

Import test of Chris Coggon X-Plan .obj files for BRL into Blender 2.49b with XPlane2Blender python scripts to add X-Plan .obj/.acf import and export options…


There are issues importing Lab.obj with texture import (ERROR: Cannot read cockpit panel texture), even when placing these directly into the same directory as the .obj files (or trying name changes to remove spaces or .jpg format in the .obj and texture files).

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