As described in an earlier blog post ( – OpenVCE Region) there is a route to take content created in OpenSimulator, save that as an OpenSim Archive (OAR) file, convert it to Collada mesh via the OAR Converter tool, and load that in as content to Unity3D to merge with the Sine Space “EditorPack” unitypackage. This content can then be uploaded to servers and made available to others in the Sine.Space community either through each user’s free region (an allowance of one 128MB download region with up to 10 concurrent avatars) or via paid subscriptions.

Some of the initial testing done on regions used OpenSim OAR content and other Unity3D experiences created using freely available mesh models.

Sine-Space-Loading-Oil-Rig Sine-Space-Loading-Castle
Sine-Space-Loading-Black-Rock Sine-Space-Loading-Space-City

The OpenVCE region is “live” in and can be visited in any WegbGL compatible browser via or

Other tests of for Gerry Anderson’s Black Rock Laboratory (Supercar) and Space City (Fireball XL5) regions, RGU Oil Rig and NASA International Space Station (ISS) are in separate posts. These are not publicly accessible and are mounted on development servers for testing only.

Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) on

openvue-mapThe Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) has now taken out a subscription for three regions each with an allowance of 512MB download size and up to 30 avatars concurrently present. The regions will likely use the Second Life/OpenSim layout brought across via OAR Converter initially, and then develop specific content for testing of collaborative facilities in virtual worlds. In the meantime, temporary content may be in place for testing.

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