OpenSimulator Community Conference 2016

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The OpenSimulator Community Conference 2016 (#OSCC16) took place over the weekend of December 10th to 11th 2016 on the OpenSim-based OpenSim Community Conference grid (grid URI and WiFi front end

My report on the experience of attending OSCC13 is described in this blog post, in 2014 in this blog post and some activities in the 2015 event in this blog post.

The 2016 event kicked off with a panel involving the core developers of OpenSim… with approx. 86 participants in the session, peaking at 95 avatars…

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OpenSim Code Commits 2016

Nebadon Izumi produced a visualisation of the code commits into OpenSim for the last year, as he has done for previous years of activity.


Overview of the OSCC Grid Regions

2016-12-08-OSCC-2016-Preparation-2 2016-12-08-OSCC-2016-Preparation-3

Virtual Robotics: Creating, Collaborating and Constructivist learning in a Virtual World

A session by Carina Girvan and John “Pathfinder” Lester described an EU funded project to teach using turtle graphics visualised as 3D shapes and colours in OpenSim using the SCRATCH visual programming environment.

2016-12-11-OSCC16-Virtual-Robotics-1 2016-12-11-OSCC16-Virtual-Robotics-2
2016-12-11-OSCC16-Virtual-Robotics-3 2016-12-11-OSCC16-Virtual-Robotics-4
2016-12-11-OSCC16-Virtual-Robotics-5 2016-12-11-OSCC16-Virtual-Robotics-6

External Application Development for OpenSim Applications such as Large Scale Urban Simulation

OSCC16 talk by OpenSim core dev Christa Lopes of University of California at Irvine (@DivaCanto) on using virtual worlds for large scale urban simulation…

2016-12-11-OSCC16-Remote-Control-2 2016-12-11-OSCC16-Remote-Control-3

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