Second Life – Winter Wonderland 2016

@InaraPey has provided an overview of the 2016 Winter Wonderland themed areas in Second Life…

2016-12-15-SL-Winter-Wonderland-2 2016-12-15-SL-Winter-Wonderland-3


On the hour, every hour in Winter Wonderland…

2016-12-15-SL-WW-Fireworks-1 2016-12-15-SL-WW-Fireworks-2

“Automated” Ice Skating

The skating though does take some (keyboard) work! For a more “automated” experience with solo, couples and trick dancing try “CALAS GALADHON’S 2016 HOLIDAY SIM, EREBOR” and just sit back and watch the dance displays at…

2016-12-15-SL-Erebor-Ice-Skating-2 2016-12-15-SL-Erebor-Ice-Skating-3
2016-12-15-SL-Erebor-Ice-Skating-5 2016-12-15-SL-Erebor-Ice-Skating-4

Or try Stanlee Ice Skating at …

Ice Skating on Stanlee Ice Skating on Stanlee
Ice Skating on Stanlee Ice Skating on Stanlee

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