Sea City

TV21 Annual 1971 published a story about a Pilkington Glass Age Development Committee design study of a “Sea City” for a community living offshore. A model was created and cutaways and renderings of the model appeared in the press. Details can be found at


A nice article in Starlog’s Future Life Issue #18 covered Sea City and included a rendering of Sea City on the cover.

OpenSimulator Project

A possible project to build a virtual reality recreation of the model in the OpenSimulator virtual world platform or as a Unity3D VR Experience is under consideration…

2017-01-12-OSGrid-Sea-City-Region-Created 2017-01-12-OSGrid-Sea-City-RGU-Diver

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    Floating cities: the future or a washed-up idea?
    Brydon T. Wang. June 12, 2019

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