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Sansar – Open Beta

On 31st July 2017 Linden Lab’s Sansar virtual world platform was opened to any users in its “open beta” stage. This includes… … removal of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that was in place during preview. That means you’re now welcome … Continue reading

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Unity 2017 – Rocks Turn Red

If you have a Unity project in versions up to 5.6.2 and on loading it into Unity 2017.1 or later some of the terrain textures turn reddish… Take a look for an object in the scene or click on the … Continue reading

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Second Life – Bento Avatars

Trying the new richer Bento skeleton avatars… which were released as starter avatars by Linden Lab on 5th July 2017 (see this announcement). Thomas with my old Ai Austin skin and shape works great as “Strider”… and I even get … Continue reading

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