Second Life – Bento Avatars

Trying the new richer Bento skeleton avatars… which were released as starter avatars by Linden Lab on 5th July 2017 (see this announcement).

Thomas with my old Ai Austin skin and shape works great as “Strider”… and I even get a horse to travel over Middle Earth.

For more details and example images see the Blog Post by @InaraPey.

To make use of any of the new avatars, display the Choose an Avatar picker or use the Me/Avatar -> Choose an Avatar menu, scroll to the one you wish to try, and click on it. Your avatar will wear the outfit, which is also transferred to your Clothing system folder under the avatar’s name, one of:

  • Anna or Marcus for the angels
  • Elleria or Sauin for the demons
  • Kara or Feng for the mystic heroes
  • Rhiannon or Thomas for the horse riders (horse is optional)

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