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Sansar is a new virtual world platform allowing for virtual experiences to be visited by multiple users represented as avatars. It has an edit or creator mode to build experiences and upload previously created 3D models in an appropriate format (FBX with specific texture mapping constraints).

This blog post gathers together some useful links and resources for using Sansar.

Creating 3D Objects

Media Surfaces

Objects can be uploaded with a “media surface” shader and then will show the (currently single) media URL put into an experience via the Scene Settings. The “Watch Party” project bases may be used when you create an experience and that contains a media screen ready to go. The Sansar Store may have free screens ready set up… e.g. Free Widescreen TV Media Surface (available April 2018).

More information at and

A sample media URL to show and loop a “Ready Player One” movie trailer is …


Links to various experiences are given here for convenience:

  • @AiAustin’s “Ailand” Experience
  • @AiAustin’s “AI” Experience
  • @AiAustin’s “Space Station” Experience
  • @BeAustin’s “Be” Media Surface Experience
  • @Draxtor’s “Harvest 114” Experience

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