Cassini – A Celebration of the Grand Finale

Cassini Grand Finale Event in Sinespace – with NASA JPL Live Stream
11am UT/12 noon BST to 12:30pm UT/1:30pm BST on 15th September 2017

For more details and links see this blog post.

Timeline 15th September 2017: Final Entry to Saturn Atmosphere… 6:32 am EDT (3:32 am PDT) Thrusters at 100% of capacity; high-gain antenna begins to point away from Earth, leading to loss of signal. Event received on Earth at 7:56 am EDT (4:54 am PDT). Times may vary after atmospheric drag.
Event for enthusiasts on Space City region in sinespace
Cassini at Saturn YouTube Video, NASA Public Television Live Stream

To celebrate the 15th September 2017 end of the Cassini Mission to Saturn, I have placed a 3D model of Cassini to realistic scale on the Space City area in our OpenSim grid. This uses one of the freely available 3D models from NASA.

Cassini Model on the Space City Region in OpenSim

Cassini at Saturn over the Space City Region in OpenSim

Visit the Cassini display on the Space City region on the OpenSimulator-based OSGrid or AiLand grids…

hop:// City/95/230/23
hop:// City/95/230/23

The Cassini display joins the Voyager model on Space City. The Space City region also has models of Deep Space 1, ESA Rosetta and other space related artifacts. More details here.


Voyager Planet Flyby over the Space City Region in OpenSim

Cassini in Sine Space

The Cassini 3D model exported from Blender to FBX format was also imported into Sine Space and placed in the “Space City” region. Visit via…

Cassini in High Fidelity

It also works okay in High Fidelity (lost a little of the gold foil texture).

Sansar has problems with the upload as the textures on the FBX are not applied in the strict format it requires at present.

Huygens on Titan

The European Space Agency’s Huygens probe was carried on Cassini to be released near Saturn to land on it’s moon Titan. Our names and a message are on that probe where it now sits beside a liquid methane sea.

More information in this blog post:

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