Dueling Dragons Roller Coaster

Universal Orlando Dueling Dragons PosterDueling Dragons (US spelling) is a two track “duelling” (UK English) B&M suspended roller coaster at Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios Orlando. The ride is themed as two dragons… Chinese Fireball (Fire) and Hungarian Horntail (Ice). It was opened on 28th May 1999 and was converted to become Dragon Challenge in 2010 to fit into the Harry Potter theme of the area. After some accidents related to injury caused by loose articles, the coaster ran without the synchronisation of the trains from 2011 until the coaster closed on 4th September 2017.

The roller coaster can still be experienced in virtual reality via the NoLimits2 Roller Coaster Simulator and some other roller coaster simulators.

NoLimit2 Dueling Dragons by Z617Jason

This is my favourite fan-produced version of Dueling Dragons from NoLimits Exchange.

NoLimits2 Dueling Dragons by duduchianca

This version of Dueling Dragons has been modelled by “duduchianca”. He made the twin coasters by modelling one continuous loop which switches station sides half way through. A few issues with trains being allocated to track sections or “blocks” and hitting one another needs to be fixed. The simple fix is to change the number of trains from 6 on track to 2 in the editor… then you can ride “ice” and “fire” alternately without any stops.

screenshot-2014-11-14-14-51-26b screenshot-2014-11-14-14-52-26b

Planet Coaster Dueling Dragons/Dragon Challenge by riddlerrevange75

There is a nice simulation by riddlerrevange75 in Planet Coaster

Steam NoLimits2 Community Workshop – Nono – Recreation of the Dueling Dragons (1999-2017)

Update: April 2020: A newer NoLimit2 Community Workshop on Steam – Nono’s wonderful recreation of Universal Studios Orlando Dueling Dragons Coaster (1999-2017). Use E to enter a train. Use F5 to see the rides list, tick off the auto enter” tickbox, and then you can click on either the Red (Fire) or Blue (Ice) trains.


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