Cassini – Grand Finale

Timeline 15th September 2017: Final Entry to Saturn Atmosphere… 6:32 am EDT (3:32 am PDT) Thrusters at 100% of capacity; high-gain antenna begins to point away from Earth, leading to loss of signal. Event received on Earth at approx. 11:55 UT (12:55 BST). Spacecraft breaks up soon afterwards.
Event for enthusiasts on Space City region in sinespace
NASA Public TV Live Stream [UStream] [YouTube]

To celebrate the 15th September 2017 end of the Cassini Mission to Saturn, I have placed a 3D model of Cassini to realistic scale on the Space City area in the “Space City region in Sinespace grid. This uses one of the freely available 3D models from NASA. The area is being used for a farewell party for Cassini and to watch the live feed from JPL as Cassini soars into the atmosphere of Saturn. You can join in on a Windows or Apple Macintosh desktop viewer (preferred) or in WebGL in a suitable browser like Firefox or Chrome.


Sinespace Grand Finale Event

Sinespace users got together on the “Space City” region to watch the NASA JPL Live feed of the Brand Finale and chat about the mission and it’s many successes, to view the NASA 3D Cassini model, the 70m Deep Space Network Antenna and the nearby Voyager display.

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