Sinespace – Vue

The Virtual University of Edinburgh regions as they appeared in Second Life at their maximum extent and as they are replicated on the OpenSimulator-based Openvue grid have been converted via the OAR Converter into Unity3D and then provided into the Sinespace virtual world platform.

Vue – OpenSim

The original OpenSim “mini-continent” contains 12 256mx256m regions…

Vue – Unity Editor

Effect of using Sinespace OAR Material Cleanup Tool:

  • Before cleanup: Upload=1323.81MB, Windows Build=312MB, WebGL Build=467MB
  • After cleanup: Upload=252.22MB, Windows Build=64MB, WebGL Build=121MB
  • Note: The small changes in number of Materials and Meshes are due to other tidy up actions… the OAR Material Cleanup tool acts to reduce the number of Textures significantly… from 2255 using 682.60MB to 447 using 152.40MB.

Vue – Sinespace

The download size in Sinespace for the Vue regions on various platforms is as follows:

webgl (110mb), win32 (57mb), android (53mb), ios (63mb)

The Vue regions can be visited via the downloadable Windows or Macintosh desktop viewer (for higher quality and more reliable loading of large regions) or reached via WebGL in a suitable web browser (such as Internet Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox):

Update 3-Dec-2020: Sinespace Regions for Vue

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