Ruth 2.0

Ruth 2.0 and Roth 2.0 are low-poly mesh avatar bodies, specifically designed for Opensimulator. They are built to use standard SL UV maps using scratch-built open source mesh bodies by Shin Ingen with other open source contributions from the OpenSimulator Community.

This page provides links and resources relating to these developments…

“Roth 2.0” is the male mesh avatar, also under development, and resources for it can be reached via the same URLs as Ruth 2.0.

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  1. bat says:

    Helpful note from Fred Beckhusen (aka Ferd Frederix) about using skin textures that have PNG alpha channel (transparency) information…

    On textures there is a setting called Alpha Blend. Look in the viewer and select each texture and there is a pulldown that can set the alpha channel to None, Blending, Cutoff or Emissive.

    None is the same as JPG, which does not support Alpha.

    Alpha Blend is the default setting for PNG files. The alpha channel can be from 0 to 100% alphaed on any pixel. It has the famous glitch problem where textures swap back and forth.

    Alpha Mask displays a cutoff value, which sets a level where any blended pixel above a value is solid, and everything below is alphed 100%. It does not have the alpha glitch.

    Emissive means anything with an alpha value will glow based on the alpha channel. Its useful for many things, having lights in the side of spaceships that glow because of the texture, and not using prims.

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