Pandora in the Virtual World

I have blogged before about the Pegase region for the Pandora Universe group in Second Life which offers role play based on the “Avatar” film directed by James Cameron and based on Pandora, a moon of Alpha Centauri.

The Pegase area arrival/vendor area offers a number of free na’vi starter avatars, an RDA (scientists) outfit and a flyable ikran.

After visiting the Pandora region at DisneyWorld in February 2018 I revisited the regions as “Ai’tswayon” (Ai wing) and took to the air again on my ikran “Ai’tsyal” (Ai fly).

And with a new (free) golden ikran from the Pegase vendor area … also called “Ai’tsyal”…

I tested a new version of the Linden Lab Second Life 360° snapshot project viewer (version which now adds the proper metadata to show with 360 degree capabilities in Flickr

See also Pandora in the Real World.

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    Ralph Steglenzer at

    We have Ikrans too. Visit us in OpenSim Pangea – Roleplay, District 153 on Metropolis Grid…

    More Pictures? or

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