Kässbohrer Pisten Bully Online Training

pistenbully-logoThe Pisten Bully range of snow cats and ski piste grooming machines is manufactured by Kässbohrer in Germany. They have a driver and technician training academy which also includes online training courses for beginners and those interested in Pisten Bully at http://proacademy.info.

I have previously noted my interest in Kässbohrer and follow their products via their newsletter and using Giant’s Ski Region Simulator 2012 with its many user-created add-on “mods” which give a wide variety of Kässbohrer Pisten Bully snow groomers to try in the simulated ski resort setting. See https://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/2015/02/17/kassbohrer-pisten-bully-simulator/.

Pro Academy

I signed up for their “PRO ACADEMY Online Training Demo English” to try out the online training courses, and after verification you can start the course.

[Images from http://pistenbully.com, Pisten Bully 600 Polar Brochure PDF]

Ski Resort Simulator 2012

Giant’s Ski Resort Simulator 2012 has been available for some time and I have previously written a blog post on this. A Steam version is now available.

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