Fallingwater in southwestern Pennsylvania is a vacation home designed in 1935 by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and often thought to be one of the finest buildings of the 20th Century.

Fallingwater 3D Model by Myles Zhang

Fallingwater PlanA lovely 3D openly accessible and modifiable model of the house and environment was created by Myles Zhang on Sketchfab.com [ Download Resources ] using 3D model source files originally by nottamun on 3dwarehouse.sketchup.com.

Fallingwater in Unity3D

I extracted the Collada (DAE) model of Fallingwater with its associated textures and imported those to Unity3D adding in some surrounding terrain. The trees and bushes were mostly replaced using Unity3D free assets and waterfall details were added and animated. Building and ground lighting was added, along with a day/night cycle. Doorways are not animated, so some of these were made into phantom (non-colliding) objects so an avatar can walk through them. Some pathways, corridors, doors and stairs in the house are not accurately modelled and can cause an avatar to get stuck, so some invisible barriers were put in place to help prevent this.

Fallingwater in Unity3D

Fallingwater in Sinespace

The build was then loaded in the multi-user virtual world Sinespace… it can be visited by searching for “Fallingwater” in the “Explore” panel in the Sinespace viewer.

Fallingwater in Sinespace Fallingwater in Sinespace

Fallingwater in Sinespace Fallingwater in Sinespace

Fallingwater in Sinespace via a Browser/WebGL

A WebGL version may work for some via this link… http://sine.space/locations/fallingwater

Fallingwater Plans

These diagrams are included with the Fallingwater model by Myles Zheng and nottamun…

Fallingwater Cross-section


Fallingwater Interior Model by Miles Zheng

A compatible interior model for Fallingwater is also provided by Miles Zheng on Sketchfab.

Fallingwater – Frank Lloyd Wright – Bear Run, PA
Myles Zheng https://sketchfab.com/mdzhang
CC BY 4.0

Tucked away in the sleepy forests of southwestern Pennsylvania sits one of the world’s most famous buildings: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. Commissioned by wealthy department store owner Edgar J. Kaufmann and completed in 1937, the home’s cantilevered tiers hang suspended atop a 30-foot waterfall — Wright’s ingenious way of melding the man-made structure with its natural surroundings.

Fallingwater Exterior

Additional Files

Fallingwater Interior

Additional Files

Import to Unity3D

Obtain the models from the Sketchfab links above. You may need to be logged in to obtain these. This gives you zipped .kmz (Google Earth) format files. For each do the following:

Unzip the contents. Then take the .kmz file from that. You can ignore the textures which are also embedded in the .kmz file. Rename the .kmz to .zip. Unzip again. You will get a .kml file giving Google Earth model positioning inmformation (which you can ignore) and a “models” directory. In there rename the “untitled.dae” (the 3D model Collada file) to “Fallingwater Exterior.dae” and the “untitled” directory to “Fallingwater Exterior Textures”. Drag and Drop the “Fallingwater Exterior Textures” into the Project/Assets area in Unity3D. Then drag and drop the “Fallingwater Exterior.dae” into the Project/Assets area in Unity3D. It will associate the model materials with the textures already added.

Repeat for the Fallingwater Interior.

Copy the Fallingwater Exterior into the Scene/Hierarchy and place at 0,0,0
Copy the Fallingwater Interior into the Scene/Hierarchy and place at 0,0,0
Hide or remove the cylindrical background image named “Ambience”.
Consider making surrounding terrain to fit.
Consider using some of the additional files to add ambient sound, fireplace sounds, etc.

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