OpenSim VR Viewer Under Development – Resources

Resources related to a new open source OpenSim content VR Viewer under development by Melanie Thielker of Avination and others…

Open Source VR Viewer for OpenSim in Development — Low Cost Alternative for Social VR Projects, Blog Post: December 10, 2018…

New open source VR viewer for OpenSim may be coming soon…, Blog Post: December 10, 2018…
New viewer for OpenSim-based worlds. Originally using the Unreal game engine. Currently it uses the Xenko game engine for rendering.

To be visited in virtual reality with Melanie Thielker’s new viewer, the OpenSim regions first have to be converted to a format compatible with the Unreal/Xenko Engine. There is no support yet for getting the regions directly from OpenSim servers, or for having avatars in the scene.

Melanie Thielker’s presentation at the OpenSim Community Conference (OSCC’18)

OpenSim VR Viewer via OARConverter, Unity and SineSpace

An alternative way to view OpenSim content in VR would be to convert OpenSim Archive (OAR) files to Collada mesh via the OAR Converter Tool, import that to Unity and then publish the content into a SineSpace scene. [Sinespace Resources]

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