New Linden Homes 2019

Second Life - Ai Pad - Windlass Houseboat

New Linden Homes 2019 are available for Premium Members in Second Life. Details via:

Ai Pad

Ai Austin established a houseboat style home on the Bellisseria Continent at Damiano/92/20/22. The style is “LH – Houseboat – Windlass 16 X 64”.

Nearby Boat Rez Zone by Lighthouse at Norse Auk/149/110/21 (Capacity 898).

Airstrip and Boat Rez Zone at Coral Waters/120/80/23 (Capacity: 3,786).

Vehicles at Ai Pad

Debonair Floatplane (39 land impact), Bandit 50 Yacht (32 land impact), Cobra G2 Speedboat (29 land impact), Rescue Dinghy (11 land impact), Supercar (Lora Chadbourne version, 222 land impact), and my detailed Supercar mesh (712 land impact)…

Yacht at Ai Pad at Sunrise Yacht at Ai Pad at Sunset

Bandit 50 Yacht at the Houseboats

Debonair 0412 Floatplane over the Houseboats

ERB-380 Rescue Dinghy

Poole Pottery

A display of some of my Poole Pottery in the Ai Pad Houseboat… “Moon” Charger from “Moon and Sun” Range, Agean 3 dish, Orange Deep Bowl and a “Delphis” Bowl…

Poole Pottery - Moon, Agean 3, Deep Bowl and Delphis


Each Linden Home has a controller for the owner to alter visual appearance, d├ęcor, access security, etc. On the houseboats this is in the style of a lifebuoy…

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  1. bat says:

    You can obtain a free houseboat on the Second Life Marketplace – [HVW] Lami’s and Ivy’s Houseboat –

  2. bat says:

    June 2019: Linden Lab has started a ferry service from houseboat areas to the main continent. Currently one departs every minute from:
    * Calm Waves (Island and Boat Rez Zone)
    * SSPE91 (Bellisseria Mainland)
    * Whiskey Bay (for Bellisseria Fairgrounds, Island, Boat Rez Zone and Airstrip)

  3. bat says:

    10 special attractions on Bellisseria. Blog Post on 12-Sep-2021 by Ricco Saenz…

    More locations listed at the Bellisseria Citizens Headquarters…

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