Vue Balloon over Bellisseria

I previously tried the Michie Marine Balloon from Balloon from Michie Yokosuka on the Second Life Marketplace over the New Linden Homes Bellisseria Continent in Second Life. Some snapshots are in this previous Blog Post. A balloon like this was used to provide tours of the Vue regions in Second Life [YouTube Video 8-Aug-2019 3m:19s]

I replaced the balloon envelope texture with one that is the same as the “Vue Balloon” based on a real life event where a balloon “glow” took place in the University of Edinburgh Old College Quad in January 2006.

Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) Balloon Tour and 2006 Balloon “Glow”

University of Edinburgh Ballooning Club Glow in Old College Quad, January 2006 image used with permission of David Gifford
Vue Balloon Tour Machinima in Second Life – 8-Aug-2008 [YouTube 3:19]
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