Social VR using Firestorm VR

As noted before in this blog post Peter Kappler has created a VR version of the Firestorm virtual world viewer (based on version If the graphics settings, draw distance and scene complexity allow it, this can work very well to view 3D content. It is not best suited to build and creation modes. But it can work very well indeed for Social VR purposes allowing all the capabilities and content available in Second Life and OpenSim to be used in scenes where chat, get togethers, tutoring sessions, seminars and other meetings take place.

If the scene in a normal 2D view is adjusted to achieve at least (say) 50fps then it should work will in the Firestorm VR viewer. Make Graphics settings, draw distance and other changes until you achieve that sort of frame rate or the scene will be choppy or flicker. For Social VR functions draw distances can be quite small, so even very busy mainland Second Life regions become accessible.

Some specific figures I observed on one Second Life scene trying to make the view distance (256m), graphics settings (High), etc the same for the comparison…

  • Linden Lab 6.2.4 96-106fps
  • Firestorm 6.0.2 176-188fps
  • Firestorm VR 6.0.1 2D mode 136-144fps
  • Firestorm VR 6.0.1 VR mode 82-84fps

Put simply it looks roughly like Firestorm 6.0.2 (normal 2D) 100%, Firestorm VR 6.0.1 2D mode after enabling SteamVR in settings 75%, Firestorm VR 6.0.1 VR mode 50%. But the 6.0.1 VR mode is still roughly the same as the Linden Lab 6.2.4 viewer in 2D mode.

The following images were take on a Dell Precision T5180 with 32GB Memory and Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU, with High graphics settings and 128m view distance.

Here are some examples of Social VR settings in Second Life and on OpenSim grids…

Second Life

OpenSim (OSGrid, Openvue and Ailand Grids)

RGU Oil Rig Training Environment in Firestorm VR

Click here for more images of the Oil Rig region in Firestorm VR.

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