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There has been a question** on how many OpenSim users use various virtual world viewers that are OpenSim compatible, like Firestorm, Singularity, Alchemy, Radegast, etc. For Second Life, user statistics and viewer usage is collected via Linden Lab. But for privacy, viewers do not instrument such logins in OpenSim.

This blog post notes some resources that may be useful for those seeking to collect OpenSim usage statistics. Please take care never to misuse personal data and login information when collecting generic statistics to assist in OpenSim development.

OpenSim region servers can log a number of usage statistics using “WebStats”. See This is disabled by default in OpenSimDefaults.ini but can be enabled by adding a [WebStats] section to OpenSim.ini

    ; View region statistics via a web page

Then use a web browser and type in the region server hostname:http_listener_port + “/SStats/” (note NOT the Robust server/LoginURI name unless its a standalone all on a single server).

Preserve the WebStats on OpenSim Upgrade

The WebStats are maintained in a data base in file bin/LocalUserStatistics.db. This should be retained and copied into any updated OpenSim build to preserve the statistics.

Openvue Grid

AiLand Grid

OSGrid Vue
OSGrid Openvue
OSGrid RuthAndRoth

** Jessica Lyon, the Project Leader of the Pheonix Firestorm Project in a blog post on 18-Sep-2019 estimated there might be just 2,000 users of Firestorm who logged into OpenSim grids. In comments to the post, one single educational user pointed out they had 10,000 users using Firestorm for OpenSim access.

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