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Artificial Intelligence and its Applications Institute

CISA changed its name on 1st December 2019. This is a draft of a web page that will appear on the new Institute’s web pages with some background. Feedback to appreciated. Artificial Intelligence work at Edinburgh can trace its … Continue reading

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OpenSimulator Snail ** is now formally released as the latest stable version of the open source virtual world platform. See OSGrid Dev Outreach – Ubit and Ai – All the work down to Ubit – Halloween is Coming … Continue reading

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Ruth2 and Roth2 Statistics

Ruth2 and Roth2 are low-poly mesh avatar bodies, specifically designed for Opensimulator and second Life. They are built to use standard Second Life UV maps using scratch-built open source mesh bodies by Shin Ingen with other open source contributions from … Continue reading

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NASA Artemis 3D Mosaic Sculpture The NASA Artemis Program will see humanity live sustainably and work on the Moon. To celebrate, NASA will feature images/selfies from people across the world on a 3D mosaic sculpture representing their future plans. The images will be colour-matched, … Continue reading

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Halloween in Second Life 2019

Halloween has arrived on the houseboat on the Bellisseria continent in Second Life (Ai Pad) courtesy of some Halloween decorations, pumpkins and light sets provided by Linden Lab.

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OpenStorm – Resources

Update: 15-Jan-2020 – OpenStorm has not been made available in binary form for some time and it was last updated on GitHub back in November 2019. OpenStorm should not be used as it does not have necessary Bakes on Mesh … Continue reading

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