OpenStorm – Resources

Bill Blight and friends have created an OpenSim focussed branch of the Firestorm Viewer called OpenStorm.

Take care… this experimental build of the Firestorm Viewer is intended for experienced users using OpenSim virtual worlds server development code (dev master) and who are aware that features are under development and may not be supported by some OpenSim grids running on earlier versions of OpenSim server code.

This is a fork of the Firestorm Development code, and not intended for release/general distribution! Downloads, change logs and other information is available at [which may or may not be accessible to the public]

Source Code is available at

The version on 2-Oct-2019 with version number is based on Firestorm 64 bit compiled with OpenSim included and with some OpenSim specific and cosmetic changes:

  • Bakes on Mesh for OpenSimulator (this could crash older regions/grids)
  • Increased VRAM availability.
  • Re-enable decompose (analyze) in mesh upload
  • Increase Particle size to max protocol 7.96 (Thanks Ubit)
  • Double the max ammount of rendered particles
  • Removed SL offset to avatar hover height (Thanks Ubit)
  • Region map search patch, allows OpenSimulator users to search for part of region name (Thanks Plugh)
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