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SpeedLight is a Web-based Viewer for Second Life providing core features to stay in touch when not able to access a full viewer. SpeedLight does not require any downloads. It can be used both in desktop and mobile browsers, allowing switching between devices without logging out. SpeedLight supports multiple avatars (with a possibility to switch between them). It is tested to work in Windows, Linux, Apple Mac, Apple iOS and Google Android.

Third Party Viewer Directory – SpeedLight

3D View

Update: March 2020… Speedlight now includes a simple 3D view. With the free version you can look round with the camera and zoom in and out, but cannot move the avatar. the paid “Gold” mode allows the avatar to be moved.

Update: April 2020… Inara Pey blog post on recent upgrades and improved 3D view.

Update: August 2022… 3D view in low and higher poly views are now available.

Update: January 2023… 3D view in low and higher poly views and avatar appearance improved.

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