AIAI Virtual World Social Space


  1. Get an OpenSim avatar at if you don’t already have one.
  2. Download and install the Firestorm Viewer.
  3. Login and look round, you usually arrive at an OSGrid Plaza. Follow the arrows on the floor to get an orientation and pick up starter avatars.
  4. Open the Map (Ctrl+M), find the “OpenVCE” region and teleport there.

A virtual world social space for AIAI use is available on the OpenSimulator-based OSGrid platform. This is to help AIAI members to maintain contacts and have meeting spaces to share ideas andve at sn OSGrid Plaza wh resources while the University of Edinburgh physical premises are unavailable. AIAI members without an existing OpenSim grid avatar should obtain a free one on OSGrid (the OpenSim community grid) via

The OSGrid OpenVCE region is open to look around since it is accessible from any Hypergrid enabled OpenSimulator grid using a map tool search for this “ OpenVCE” or this “hop” in viewers which support that (e.g. Firestorm):


The facility uses the OpenVCE OAR, a ready to load open source virtual collaboration environment with a range of formal and informal meeting spaces, instrumented meeting rooms, exposition facilities, etc.

An AIAI group has also been established on OSGrid and can, if necessary, be used to restrict availability of some of the facilities or be used for group voice chat.


Get started with OpenSim (using OSGrid)

The original work to create the OpenVCE region was done on the US Army ARL HRED funded Virtual Collaboration Environment project by AIAI using Clever Zebra as a contractor/3D modelling group.



Tate, A., Hansberger, J.T., Potter, S. and Wickler, G. (2014) Virtual Collaboration Spaces: Bringing Presence to Distributed Collaboration, Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, Assembled Issue 2014, Volume 7, Number 2, May 2014 [PDF Format].

AIAI Discord Channel

AIAI Discord Invite Link:

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