Kitely Organizations

Kitely Organizations are a way to create a virtual grid inside the OpenSimulator-based Kitely grid. It allows groups to create and manage their own users, with control over which regions they can visit and what they can do in-world. A Kitely Organization provides administrative capabilities that enable the management of groups of users and worlds under the organization’s control. Kitely’s Organizations are designed for companies, educators, roleplaying groups, etc.

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Organizations can have two types of users:

  1. Managed Users – users that are created by the Organization. The Organization Admins have full control over these users. Managed Users can’t login to the main Kitely website.
  2. Independent Users – regular Kitely users who have agreed to join the Organization. The Admins only control what Independent Users do when they’re visiting the Organization’s worlds. However, the Admins can’t control what Independent Users do outside the Organization.

When Managed users are invited to join in, they are given this link…

This allows the Firestorm viewer to be installed, if it is not already present, an initial avatar to be selected, and the Organization’s grid details and avatar username to be added to make entry easier for new users.

The grid LoginURI is of the form

RGU Neosome Kitely Organization

Kitely Virtual Worlds on Demand™

Kitely uses a mechanism of loading virtual world’s “on demand” so they use less server resources when not in use… if the world or region is not online when the first user arrives, their avatar appears at a Kitely Transfer Station” for a minute or so until the region is loaded, at which time the avatar is automatically teleported into that world.

RGU Neosome Oil Rig Immersive Training Environment



Using Firestorm VR Mod and Oculus Rift…

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