Second Life – Voice Echo Canyon

A common issue in teleconferencing is testing your headset and microphone to make sure its working, and not giving feedback to others (something often only YOU cannot hear). As more people engage in teleconferencing and virtual world systems voice testing is important to be ready for virtual world meetings. The Second Life virtual world platform provides a nice test area to set yourself up and check you headset is working without having a partner to assist… go to

A white dot appears over you avatar when voice is enabled. The microphone icon, usually in the bottom button bar unless you have moved it, can be pressed to speak. In small group or 1-1 voice situations you may lock that on with the little square checkbox in the top left of the mic button, but its best to leave you mic muted when not speaking.

Notice the bars that appear over your avatar’s head as you speak… if they are green and show three or four bars each side your levels are probably good. 5 bars is nearing maximum volume. If red bars show you are over attenuating and your voice is likely to be distorted when heard by others.

You can watch this YouTube – Video Guide to Voice Echo Canyon.

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