NoLimits2 – Space Mountain Paris

Space Mountain – De la Terre à la Lune (From the Earth to the Moon)
A wonderful NoLimits2/Steam Workshop build by Giftaddict (overall) and HelloHurricane/Pieter Hutapea (scripting).

“Space Mountain, inaugurated at Disneyland Paris on June 1, 1995, is a ride based on Jules Verne’s novel ‘From the Earth to the Moon’. Passengers board a moontrain and are loaded into the Columbiad Canon which propels them into space. After avoiding meteorite showers and going through a giant asteroid, they reach the Moon, inspired by a movie by Georges Méliès. They are attracted briefly by it before plunging back into a series of tight turns. Slowed down by a contraption called “Electro de Velocitor”, they smoothly regain Earth.”

More details:

Credits from NoLimits2 Steam Workshop Web Page:

  • Original creator, general modelling, trains, texturing, partial scipting: Benjamin Floch – Giftaddict
  • Ride script, trains special effects, panels script: Pieter Hutapea
  • Documents, plans, audios: Stephane Krawczyk – Androland ( )
  • Testers, bug feedback: Orel Leroy, Hadrien Thareau
  • Texturing, early collaboration: Adrien Magras
  • Lightset Pack: Bestdani
  • CCC2 – Custom Car Creator: TheCodeMaster
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